Sunday, 14 February 2016

Davis: “George Galloway – if this amount of evidence existed against the British government of killing an opponent in a foreign country, would you be so sceptical of the evidence, do you think?”

Galloway: “We’ve been through Iraq. We’ve been through the death of Dr David Kelly, the evidence for which is locked up for 70 years. So we’re all sceptical – you’re not, evidently, but large tracts of the British public no longer believe what secret service men tell Richard Watson for Newsnight. That’s not enough to convince people of such a serious charge as this. The truth is surely this, Evan, that spies and their associates often end up dead.”

Davis: “Then we can be sceptical, and then we can be super-sceptical, and then we can end up as conspiracy theorists.”

Galloway: “You haven’t sounded at all sceptical, Evan.”

Davis: “Well no now well…”

Galloway: “You’ve bought this, hook, line and sinker.”

Davis: “Alex. Here’s a question – lots of countries kill people, in non-judicial ways. Why would Europe or Britain be right to make so much of this killing, compared to other killings in other countries that perhaps we don’t make any fuss over?”

Goldfarb: “As far as I am concerned he was my friend and we’re talking about this specific killing, which was perpetrated here using radioactive weapon, and -there are countries and there are countries. When people in the United States for example, kill terrorists with drones, it’s one situation. When Russians kill their dissidents in London, it’s another situation. Comparing a democracy with a dictatorship is not fair.”

Goldfarb goes into full NATO/US/western supremacist propaganda mode.

Davis: “Right. And what exactly would you like the British to do, at this point? What is the specific thing, what is the sanction. We obviously can’t get these guys here, to put them in jail.”

Goldfarb: “Well, I think this is secondary, what the British would do in this situation. What is important is that Mr Putin has been found guilty in the court of public opinion, and this is what will stay, and this will be a major hallmark of Mr Putin’s reign.”

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